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‘At bb’s, we’re all about delicious, freshly made food and a great place to enjoy it. None of our stores are the same – we reserve the right to have our fun with every single one of them.’


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We currently have over 300 unique muffin recipes (you should see one of our muffin tastings), a range of barista made coffees, and an ever-changing menu of artisan savoury foods to keep your taste buds tingling from morning until evening.

We also have a growing range of gluten-free freshly baked muffins. At the heart of every bb’s coffee shop is a kitchen where all our muffins are made everyday from scratch, so if you like tasty food, you’re in good company.

We change with the seasons and continuously work on creating new recipes or improving our classics. bb’s never sleeps, and our passion for great food and a fantastic place to enjoy it keeps us going.


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Discover the rich and delicate flavours of our delicious, hand-picked roast.

We use ethically sourced beans and a lot of love and make them into your perfect cup of coffee: Packed with aroma and sumptuous textures.

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Six steps to a great coffee

{ coffee bean }

We buy a good coffee bean, sustainably farmed. They are a lighter roast so you can actually taste the subtle flavours of the coffee.

{ daily grind }

The daily grind. Roasted coffee is very delicate and perishable. Coffee has many more flavour ingredients than wine, but these quickly disappear when exposed to oxygen. We keep these intact.

{ proportion }

Use the right proportion of coffee to water: A major error people make is not using enough coffee. We empathise. It’s not about ‘strong’ coffee, it’s about the perfect ratio. If you like to see the bottom perhaps you should be in a swimming pool.

{ technique }

Focus on technique: Brewing great coffee is about precision and consistency. There’s a thing called ‘tamp’ – which is how much you compact the coffee in the brew head before we stream water through it. Too little and the flavour doesn’t come out, to much and it’s ‘boiled’ for too long, the result tasting bitter.

{ tools }

We use quality tools: Coffee machines are expensive, good ones cost a fortune. Good tools last longer and make the entire brewing process much easier.

{ milk }

The secret art of frothing milk is keeping the steam wand at the surface of the milk (that pleasing steamy sound you hear behind you). The important process of ‘stretching’ the milk by frothing, folding and swirling it is done to maximise the amount of ‘velvet’ microfoam by blending the large bubbles and the liquid milk. So now you know.


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      To us, every bb’s is special. We have many stores across the UK and Ireland, and for every single one of them we ask ourselves the same question: What makes this place so unique?

      In some ways every one of our stores is a conversation about the very place it’s in – whether it’s the building or the history of the local area that inspires us, we want to have some fun with it and create a meeting place with personality.

      This might mean installing a ladder towards a perfect sky in a derelict lift shaft, or creating artwork from the blueprints of ships in a town famous for their construction.

      bb's bakers + baristas UK stores

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      bb's ice drinks and smoothies


      Who we were then

      bb’s (short for bakers & baristas) began in Australia in 1981. The first bb’s opened in the Australia Fair shopping centre in Southport, Queensland, on the Gold Coast.

      When muffins began to outsell every other item at bb’s we realised we’d found our calling. And we followed it.

      But what’s an oven-fresh muffin without delicious, barista-made coffee? Our baked treats just love good company (a little bit like ourselves really).

      Before long we were known as bb’s coffee & muffins, and we came to the UK in 1997. After much muffin-testing and coffee-drinking, we have over 50 cafés in the UK and Ireland, and we’re still as excited as on day one.


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